A consulting Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) enables organizations to maintain continuity and excellence during times of change or to “level up” the marketing function prior to a more permanent hire.

Many organizations struggle to define what they need from marketing, or they find their current team and systems aren’t a match for rapidly changing conditions. Identifying a new head of marketing, and the right head of marketing, can take a very long time, and in the meantime, opportunities slip by, and issues proliferate.

As a consulting Head of Marketing, we can jump in quickly to execute, strategize, and evolve the marketing function, ensuring that your marketing strategy is deeply integrated into your culture and optimized for your specific goals. We can right-size our allocation to fit your specific needs, and with our exceptional network, we can pull weight, navigate transition, and then seamlessly exit the business when the time’s right.

Our typical responsibilities include:

  • All outbound marketing
  • All inbound marketing + analytics
  • Product launches and major campaigns
  • Channel strategies
  • Agency management
  • Long-term planning
  • Brand positioning and messaging
  • Product positioning and messaging
  • Integration of nonprofit marketing, development, and board cultivation functions
Tools selection and implementation
  • Cross-departmental business process design
  • Functional and performance management of internal teams
  • Internal training and mentoring

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