Systemic racism is deeply ingrained in every aspect of society, and therefore no organization is immune from it. In our work, we seek to confront implicit and explicit racism and respond to it skillfully.

Our commitments include:

  • Referring all DEI work to experts in those areas
  • Referring all issues affecting marginalized communities to qualified representatives of those communities
  • Amplifying marginalized voices and worthy efforts wherever possible
  • Understanding issues as best we can

Below are some of the tools, insights, and voices that we have found most inspiring and most useful.

Combatting systemic racism

Effecting positive change within individuals, organizations, industries, sectors, and societies.

Understanding the challenges

Seeing clearly the tenacity of systemic racism and its inter-dependence with other systems of power.

Understanding history

Seeing the evolution of systemic racism from the dawn of the slave trade to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Understanding the present

Individual and artistic responses to racism in America today: online, in song, in community, in anger and in hope.