The collapse of 2020 was the repudiation of 40 years of neoliberalism and 400 years of white supremacy.

Combatting systemic racism

Within individuals

Ally Skills Workshop slides, Frame Shift Consulting
Ally Skills Workshop handout, Frame Shift Consulting
How to Be an Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi
White Fragility, Robin Diangelo

Within organizations

Nonprofit Leadership at a Crossroads, Mistinguette Smith (NPQ)
50 Ideas for Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace, Jennifer Kim
Challenging Assumptions and Practices in Board Diversity, Josephine Ramirez
How Inclusion Unlocks the Power of Diversity, NLG
Corporate America Has Failed Black America, David Gelles (June 2020)

In the arts

Lift Every Voice: A Conversation Hosted by J’nai Bridges (June 2020)
Theater Artists of Color Enumerate Demands for Change, Michael Paulson (July 2020)
#passthebaton (July 2020)
Bay Area theater artists of color demand bold steps toward racial justice in online documents, Lily Janiak (September 2020)
Orchestras are Rushing to Add Black Composers. Will it Last?, Joshua Barone (October 2020)
Ringside: A Conversation with the Artists of ‘Champion’ (October 2020)

In tech

Black Tech for Black Lives
Mozilla response to the movie “The Social Dilemma”
Black LinkedIn Is Thriving. Does LinkedIn Have a Problem With That?, Ashanti M. Martin
TikTok Creators Say They’re Still Being Suppressed for Posting BLM Content, Megan Mccluskey (July 2020)

In agriculture

Sylvanaqua Farms

In society

Guiding a Giving Response to Anti-Black Injustice, ABFE and Bridgespan Group collaboration
Son of Baldwin
Black Futures Lab
Know Your Rights Camp
Alliance for Safety and Justice
Critical Resistance
Equal Justice Initiative
Anti-Police Terror Project
Campaign Zero
Center for Policing Equity
Color of Change
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
Movement for Black Lives Foundation
New Era of Public Safety: An Advocacy Toolkit for Fair, Safe, and Effective Community Policing
“What gets measured gets fixed. Yet, we won’t track even the basics of policing.” – DJ Patil
Studies that measure the causal effects of interventions/policies on police behavior, Jennifer Doleac
Activists Create Public Online Spreadsheet of Police Violence Videos, Daniel Politi
5 Ways to Show Up for Racial Justice Today, Nastia Voynovskaya

Understanding the challenges

Patriarchy, neoliberalism, and institutional racism are intertwined and highly resilient systems: they will resist or subvert all efforts to change them.

No Accident, Rusty Guinn (June 2020)
Never Forget, Ben Hunt (June 2020)
No longer in extremis, Andrea Montiel de Shuman (June 2020)
A Virginia City’s Playbook for Urban Renewal: Move Out the Poor, Caleb Melby (September 2020)
How a Pledge to Dismantle the Minneapolis Police Collapsed, Astead W. Herndon (September 2020)
The Dictator’s Handbook, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith
CPD Largely Ignores Community Recommendations…, Patrick Smith (October 2020)

Understanding history

Slavery is America’s defining trauma, which we have yet to face and resolve.

1619 to the present

Caste, Isabel Wilkerson
White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America, Nancy Isenberg
The 1619 Project, NY Times
The Case for Reparations, Ta-Nehisi Coates
White Rage, Carol Anderson
The Broken Ladder, Keith Payne
Sweet Land

Mid-20th century to the present

What America Taught the Nazis, James Q. Whitman
The Warmth of Other Suns, Isabel Wilkerson
The Fire Next Time, James Baldwin
I Am Not Your Negro
OJ: Made in America

From the Great Recession to the present

Get Out
Virtue Signaling…, Ben Hunt (September 2016)
Trump 2016 campaign ‘targeted 3.5m black Americans to deter them from voting,’ Dan Sabbagh
Meet Darren Seals. Then tell me black death is not a business, Sarah Kendzior (October 2016)
Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates
The First White President, Ta-Nehisi Coates (October 2017)
Cornel West’s Attacks on Ta-Nehisi Coates, Explained, German Lopez (December 2017)
Still Processing

Understanding the present

Police violence and racist brutality during COVID-19

Implicit bias trainer finds ‘extreme’ degree of anti-black sentiment within SFPD, Michael Barba (February 2020)
Far-Right Extremists Are Hoping to Turn the George Floyd Protests Into a New Civil War, Tess Owen (May 2020)
… America plunges into crisis, Matt Zapotosky and Isaac Stanley-Becker (May 2020)
How the Supreme Court Lets Cops Get Away With Murder, NYT Editorial Board (May 2020)
Of Course There Are Protests. The State Is Failing Black People., Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor (May 2020)
Killer Mike Speech to Atlanta Protestors (May 2020)
Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Speech to Atlanta Protestors (May 2020)
America is a Tinderbox, Michelle Goldberg (May 2020)
Photos from the George Floyd Protests, City by City, Weiyi Cai et al (May 2020)
Visual Essay: Inside George Floyd Protests in Oakland, SF, SF Chronicle (May 2020)
Police Erupt in Violence Nationwide, Matthew Dessem (May 2020)
George Floyd: as protests rage across US, Trump comments inflame tensions, The Guardian (May 2020)
Riot or resistance? How media frames unrest… will shape public’s view of protest, Danielle K. Kilgo (May 2020)
Police Inflame Protesters as Unrest… Rocks 75+ U.S. Cities for 5th Night: VIDEOS, Andy Towle (May 2020)
SF Police Commission approves sweeping new anti-bias policy, Julian Mark (May 2020)
While Trump shelters in the White House, America cries out for leadership, Stephen Collinson (June 2020)
A dangerous new factor in an uneasy moment: Unidentified law enforcement officers, Phillip Bump (June 2020)
The Police Take the Side of White Vigilantes, Alex Parenne (June 2020)
Huge Crowds Around the Globe March in Solidarity Against Police Brutality, Damien Cave et al (June 2020)
Pentagon Ordered National Guard Helicopters’ Aggressive Response in D.C., Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Eric Schmitt (June 2020)
Aurora PD breaking up peaceful violin vigil (June 2020)
How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change, Barack Obama (June 2020)
How Police Unions Became Such Powerful Opponents to Reform Efforts,  Noam Scheiber et al (June 2020)
“This is my message to America,” Billy Porter (June 2020)
“You wanna know what white privilege is?”: a thread, Michael Harriot (April 2020)
“What percent of the police live in the city?” – @KingBach (July 2020)
How U.S. cities lost precious time to protect black residents from the coronavirus, Robert Samuels et al (June 2020)
93% of Black Lives Matter Protests Have Been Peaceful, New Report Finds, Sanya Mansoor (September 2020)
Big Cities Boost Police Budgets, Sarah Holder et al (September 2020)

Voices from TikTok

Before and during the COVID-19 crisis, TikTok has become a popular and influential platform with young people, fostering varied (if sometimes vulgar) conversations about race. TikTok challenges unspoken social norms about who gets to have a voice and who gets to be angry. [Language warning.]

“How could I be racist?” – @kkingkkat
“Did I hurt your feelings?” – @coco.jacko
“It’s just not that hard.” – @rynnstar
“Buckle up, people.” – @hiramaja
“Don’t you feel like…” – @directordaddy
“The classic third culture mode” – @chefjonkung
“Those past ways” – @theconsciouslee
“Maybe…” – @kkingkkat
“Here are my two cents…” – @demajhak
“Once upon a time…” – @ladylapoet
“We have to stop…” – @thetranscending
Bree Newsome shoutout – @theconsciouslee
“Do you care about indigenous people?” – @theconsciouslee
“You mean…” – @thisbliss
“Yeah, can we talk about this?” – @chinforshort
“Prove me wrong” – @gondrethewordsmith

Artistic responses

Abraham In Motion [multiple pieces]
The Watchmen
Us, Jordan Peele
Karen, I Said, Eliza Bent
Slave Play, Jeremy O. Harris
Ask Your Mama, Laura Karpman (music) and Langston Hughes (poetry)

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