Workshops can be an effective mechanism to evolve strategy and culture simultaneously.

Much of our strategy works comes to life in workshops that build understanding and alignment.

Visionary organizations often call us in to lead:

  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Culture audits
  • Leadership team retreats
  • Brand and positioning articulation sessions
  • Purpose, vision, and values development
  • Mission and Theory of Change development (nonprofits)

Before embarking on a major marketing or change management project, we sometimes begin with a mini project to give the team a sense of our style and how quickly we can produce results.

Recently, more organizations have been calling us for events with unstructured agendas, where discovering blindspots and surfacing unknown (or “unthought known”) issues that trap group energy is the explicit goal.

“Mark’s customer strategy and marketing expertise have been invaluable for me and my team a number of times. He led a 20+ member leadership team through a strategic planning and customer positioning workshop that resulted in significant improvements to our customer service and product alignment strategies. I have since consulted with Mark on marketing communications, web development, mission statement development, and rebranding projects. He is professional, efficient, smart and trustworthy. I feel lucky to be able to tap into his insights and recommendations.”

Sara O’HearnExecutive Producer, Leapfrog

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