Every change management or strategic planning effort should begin with a clear internal and external assessment. We can conduct that work speedily, at the appropriate depth, so that key decisions can be made with confidence.

Strategic planning and change management efforts can sometimes stall because they seem onerous or ambiguous, or organizations do not want to commit yet to a particular process or owner. A complete, clear, informed assessment with evidence-based recommendations is often a focusing and worthwhile first step, so the leadership team is very clear on the choices it must make.

We provide a deep layer of thoughtfulness and rigor to how we interpret data, so that organizations have not just an objective and comprehensive view of the terrain, but a clear map to achieving their unique vision.

Our typical research and evaluation projects include:

External research
  • Qualitative audience research (primary + secondary)
  • Quantitative audience research (primary + secondary)
  • Competitive landscape modeling
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Brand assessment (qualitative + quantitative)
  • Content audit
  • External stakeholder analysis + segmentation
Internal research
  • Leadership team evaluation
  • Board evaluation
  • Culture audit
  • Strategy audit
  • Digital platforms + analysis tools audit
  • Work + CRM tools and process audit

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