We are inspired by the performing arts, and opera in particular, as a model for achieving breakthroughs, experiencing and processing emotion, uniting community, and refactoring humanity. 

Opera means “a collection of works,” and we treat it as a serious object of focus and also as an important metaphor for The Great Work and work in general.

Opera is existentially challenged by the collapse of 2020, but opera can also lead us through it. It’s a laboratory where we can see ourselves, rehearse how to be, make meaning together, and understand what we don’t yet have language for.

We use the performing arts as a prism for imagining the future of human collaboration, and we use the real-time business of the arts as a practical example of how visionary organizations are taking risks in today’s fragmented, chaotic environments, against incredible odds. 

The arts during COVID-19

Every Arts Organization Must Become A Media Company, Matías Tarnopolsky (March 2020)
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Artist Relief Tree
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Strategic planning for arts organizations

The Art of the Turnaround, Michael M. Kaiser 
Strategic Planning in the Arts: A Practical Guide, Michael M. Kaiser 
Curtains?: The Future of the Arts in AmericaMichael M. Kaiser
The Cycle, Michael M. Kaiser
The Art of Relevance, Nina Simon
Strategic plan example: SFGMC (2019-2023)
The Engagement Revolution: James Irvine Foundation (2013-2016)

Arts marketing

Capacity Interactive downloadable content
Capacity Interactive social media calendar and tools for arts marketers
National Arts Marketing Project resource library
Slover Linett audience research
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From “Outreach” to “Civic Practice,” Heidi Waleson (April 2020)
Supercool’s Spektrix-integrated paywall (October 2020)

Anti-racism in the arts

Lift Every Voice: A Conversation Hosted by J’nai Bridges (June 2020)
Outsider art, Callum John Blackmore (June 2020)
Theater Artists of Color Enumerate Demands for Change, Michael Paulson (July 2020)
#passthebaton (July 2020)
Bay Area theater artists of color demand bold steps toward racial justice in online documents, Lily Janiak (September 2020)
Orchestras are Rushing to Add Black Composers. Will it Last?, Joshua Barone (October 2020)
Ringside: A Conversation with the Artists of ‘Champion’ (October 2020)
Are art museums still racist? The COVID reset, Carolina Miranda (October 2020)
The Oral History of The Scottsboro Boys, Felicia Fitzpatrick (October 2020)
James Conlon’s Program Note on “The Anonymous Lover” (November 2020)
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The Metropolitan Opera Hires Its First Chief Diversity Officer, Joshua Barone (January 2021)
For Diversity Leaders in the Arts, Getting Hired Is Just the First Step, Robin Pogrebin (January 2021)
Black Opera Alliance
Asian Opera Alliance

Cognition and biology

Synchronization, Attention and Transformation: Multidimensional Exploration of the Aesthetic Experience of Contemporary Dance Spectators, Coline Joufflineau et al
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Music and performing arts history (highly abbreviated list)

Classical music and opera

A Mad Love, Vivien Schweitzer
The Classical Style: An Opera (Of Sorts)
The Opera House
The Rest is Noise, Alex Ross
Wagnerism, Alex Ross
On Late Style, Edward Said
Gay Guerrilla: Julius Eastman and His Music, Renée L. Packer and Mary J. Leach
The Queen’s Throat, Wayne Koestenbaum
Mad Scenes and Exit Arias, Heidi Waleson
The Impossible Art, Matthew Aucoin
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Deviant Opera, Alex Englund
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Epistrophies: Jazz and the Literary Imagination, Brent Hayes Edwards
Playing Changes: Jazz for the New Century, Nate Chinen
In the Break: The Aesthetics of the Black Radical Tradition, Fred Moten

Musical theater

Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy
Mainly On Directing, Arthur Laurents
The Collected Lyrics of Stephen Sondheim
Everything Was Possible: The Birth of the Musical Follies, Ted Chapin 

Popular music

Hava Nagila: The Movie
A 24-Decade History of Popular Music, Taylor Mac

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