We are inspired by the performing arts, and opera in particular, as a model for achieving breakthroughs, experiencing and processing emotion, uniting community, and refactoring humanity

Opera means “a collection of works,” and we treat it as a serious object of focus and also as an important metaphor for The Great Work and work in general.

Opera is existentially challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the subsequent economic and geopolitical shocks, but opera can also lead us through it. It’s a laboratory where we can see ourselves, rehearse how to be, make meaning together, and understand what we don’t yet have language for.

We use the performing arts as a prism for imagining the future of human collaboration, and we use the real-time business of the arts as a practical example of how visionary organizations are taking risks in today’s fragmented, chaotic environments, against incredible odds. 

COVID-19 recovery

Tools and case studies for navigating the challenges and aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis.

Strategic planning

Practical tools and examples for visionary arts organizations and their boards.

Arts marketing

How to build and maintain a relationships and revenue engine for your organization and each individual event.

Anti-racism in the arts

Combatting systemic racism in the arts in general, and opera in particular.

Cognition and biology

How the performing arts help human beings make meaning, individually and collectively.

Arts history

A highly abbreviated history of classical music, opera, and the performing arts.

Nonprofit resources

Tools and resources related to board governance, operations, development, communications, and sector innovation.

Mastery in Action

A series that uses opera master classes to illustrate, practically, how to unlock energy within your organization.


The Gesamtkunstwerk has you. How aesthetics, history, and morality affect and contain the craft of the modern marketer.

The Three Machines

The Nonprofit edition of one of our core strategic planning frameworks, with specific references to arts organizations.