If you’re looking for some quick, focused advice, I’m happy to help out in an advisory role, as a thought partner. I mentor CEOs on issues related to business strategy, leadership, culture, brand, and marketing. I mentor marketers on how to advance their career and take on higher levels of responsibility.

Mentorship is an effective way for you to get an answer and move on.


As many do, I make a distinction between coaching and mentorship.

As a coach, I help you transform your thinking in pursuit of your goals, so you are more creative and confident in coming up with your own ideas. Though I may make occasional suggestions as a coach, I almost never give advice.

As a mentor, I provide information and advice. The emphasis is on *my* thinking and opinions, which you are free to take or leave.

Advice usually won’t help you grow your skills or change your thinking, but it might unblock your energy quickly, especially if you have a nagging concern that needs an extra brain or a vital document that needs an extra pair of eyes.

If you don’t know which service is right for you, I suggest starting with a coaching session, so you get a full sense of what that kind of interaction is like, and then make your decision.

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