Move from your culture from stasis to leadership to growth.

Human organizations are inherently homeostatic. They preserve their own habits and blind spots until forced to give them up.

Many organizational consultants reinforce these homeostatic tendencies by smoothing out the rough edges of difficult conversations. This can satisfy organizational cravings for stability, but when taken too far, it can leave organizations ill-equipped to handle future transitions. It can also cause a rift between the forced positivity of the official culture and the gurgling fears and “real dirt” that shows up on Glassdoor.

We work with organizations who actively embrace change, who are willing to sit with uncomfortable questions and let risk, disagreement, and multiple perspectives be okay. Just like an individual human brain, group cultures get healthier not when they’re made more efficient, but when they can move to a higher level of integration and complexity.

The Next Us (per our name) believes that all human groups can evolve towards higher levels of functioning. Our typical culture evolution projects include:

  • Executive coaching
  • Capacity building
  • Purpose and vision
  • Values and behaviors
  • Organizational structure
  • Performance management systems
  • Work management systems
  • Leadership development curricula and systems

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