Marketing funnel design and basic concepts

Leslie’s Compass: A Framework for Go-to-Market Strategy
Marketing Attribution, Can You See Clearly Now?, Deidre Mahon
How Many Leads? Help, I need a Model!, Deidre Mahon
Why The Top of the Funnel is Almost Always More Profitable, Brad Smith
The SaaS Founder’s Journey: What Matters at Each Stage, David Skok
How to Get Your First 100K (Active) Users, Annie K. Halsall
Coelevate: Growth and User Acquisition
Marketing 101 for Engineers: A Functional Introduction, Aneel Lakhani
Marketing 102 for Engineers: Roughing Out a Funnel, Aneel Lakhani
Marketing 201 for Engineers: Positioning and Messaging
Marketing 202 for Engineers: Launching, Aneel Lakhani
Marketing 203 for Engineers: Supporting Sales, Aneel Lakhani
Marketing 204 for Engineers: Generating Demand, Aneel Lakhani
Marketing 301 for Engineers: Strategy and Planning, Aneel Lakhani
Marketing 302 for Engineers: Hiring Marketers, Aneel Lakhani
Marketing 303 for Engineers: Pricing, Aneel Lakhani
Marketing 401 for Engineers: Stages of Going to Market, Aneel Lakhani
Marketing 402 for Engineers: Diagnostics and Troubleshooting, Aneel Lakhani
Marketing 403 for Engineers: Answering Founder FAQs, Aneel Lakhani
We Live in a World of Funnels, Elijah Meeks
Your Marketing Team is Slow. Here’s a Framework to Move Faster., Jaleh Rezaei
Want a job? Pretend you believe in ‘digital marketing,’ Mark Ritson
The Racecar Growth Framework, Dan Hockenmaier & Lenny Rachitsky, Reforge


The Brand Messaging for Startups Framework, Janessa Lantz
Getting to a Messaging Framework…, Tiffany Spencer

Marketing funnel analytics

SaaS Metrics 2.0, David Skok
Startup Killer: The Cost of Acquisition, David Skok
SaaS Marketing Metrics…, Ryan Hilliard
Your Average CAC is Lying to You, Brian Balfour
Occam’s Razor, Avinash Kaushik
SaaS SEO strategies, GetCredo
Cheat Sheet: 11 Marketing Attribution Models, Marketo
The Complete Guide to Technical Skills for Marketers, Roman Petrochenkov
The SaaS Marketing Scorecard, Tomasz Tunguz
Digital Attribution Ladder of Awesomeness, Avinash Kaushik

Lead management


ABM (Account Based Marketing)



Daunted by S&M Tech Stack Implementation? Where to Start., Deidre Mahon
G2 Crowd (martech reviews)
Percolate marketing resource library
7 Marketing Reports You’ll Never Have to Pull Again, Slack Team

PR resources

PR 101 for Engineers, Aneel Lakhani
Codeword (media relations + content marketing)
Here’s What I Learned from Working with 50+ PR Firms, Jennifer Hirsch
a16z podcast: How to Manage a PR Agency
a16z podcast: The Why, How, and When of PR

AR resources

The Skills Connection (analyst relations)
Analyst Relations for Startups 101, Aneel Lakhani
a16z podcast: What Startups Should Know About Analyst Relations

Sales resources

Mapping Your First Sales Playbook, Andrew Oddo
Sales 101 for Engineers, Aneel Lakhani
Kevin Temple’s ESG tools and trainings
The Challenger Sale, Matthew Dixon
The Salesforce Trailhead website
When Sales isn’t Just Selling: Advice for Founders in Early Markets, a16z
“Is there a Sales 101 for nerds?” response on Hacker News

Social + digital marketing

The SEO Tips That Helped Tally 20 Million Visits Per Month
For Advanced Facebook Marketers, Jon Loomer
SimplyMeasured social marketing resources
Buffer podcast: The Science of Social Media
Here’s How a Fast-Growing SaaS Company Shares to Social Media [dated but instructive]
Codeless (B2B content creation + digital marketing)
Buffer social media library
The Complete LinkedIn Advertising Cheatsheet, Wordstream
12 Subject Line Tester Tools to Boost Your Email Open Rate, Hubspot
8 Useful TikTok Marketing Tactics, Neil Patel
Your Livestream Platform Guide, Catalyst Interactive
Really Good Emails (organized by category)
The Superhuman Guide to Twitter Advanced Search, Buffer
Sprout Social: Always Up-to-Date Guide to Image and Video Specs
Capacity Interactive social media calendar and tools for arts marketers
Does the TikTok Algorithm Work? (Later)
The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Analytics (Later)
8 Ways to Cheat the Instagram Algorithm (Later)

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