General personal responsibility resources

I Will Teach You to Be Rich, Ramit Sethi—Solid tips and tricks to get out of debt, automate bill payments and savings, and optimize income. Targeted at young people.—A free tool from Intuit for managing expenses, investments, and goals. In line with the principles of I Will Teach You to Be Rich.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Burton G. Malkiel—An accessible overview of the two most common investment approaches—technical analysis and fundamental analysis—with a strong argument for conservative expectations and conservative investment approaches in line with the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH).

Vanguard—A low-cost investment management firm aligned to the principles of A Random Walk Down Wall Street.

When Society Becomes an Addict, Anne Wilson Schaef—A clear-eyed look at pervasive social pressures in the West to use money (and sex, relationships, drugs, and work) to guard against unwanted feelings. An antidote to compulsive spending.

Changes since the 2008 financial crisis

Pragmatic Capitalism, Cullen Roche—A thoughtful summary of how quickly-changing 21st century global economic conditions may—or may not—make the conventional wisdom of A Random Walk Down Wall Street moot.

The Big Short, Michael Lewis—An engaging story of why the 2008 crash occurred, through the eyes of a handful of investors who saw it coming.

The Myth of Diversification: Risk Factors vs. Asset Classes, Sebastien Page—A warning from PIMCO that stocks and bonds are no longer risk-diversified against each other, contradicting the traditional advice of A Random Walk Down Wall Street.

CB Insights Fintech research and conferences—A good pulse point for understanding how new technologies like blockchain are changing the financial services sector.

Howard Marks Oaktree memos—Timely, widely-read analyses of current market conditions and trends.

Volatility 101, Visual Capitalist

Global economics basics

Economics Rule: The Rights and Wrongs of the Dismal Science, Dani Rodrik—A concise summary of what economics is and how it works.

The Globalization Paradox, Dani Rodrik—A historical analysis of how global trade has built and hindered civilizations.

All the Presidents’ Bankers, Nomi Prins—A history of corruption and behind-the-scenes influence of American monetary policy.

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