Strategic planning for a small business requires a quick grasp of what makes the business inherently special—and clear insight about what must change in order to grow.

We help small organizations build strategic plans that connect clear goals down to gritty must-dos, using frameworks that can grow and evolve with you, so you never have to deal with the pain and paralysis that comes from having no plan—or being in endless planning mode.

Small businesses in particular are at risk of following an off-the-shelf strategic planning process that equates success with adherence to a particular format. Many frameworks will work for a strategic plan (OKRs, MBOs, TractionE-Myth, etc.), but these tools are all garbage-in/garbage-out. The end result is only good if the strategy and the plan are both solid.

A good strategic plan is half about the strategy, half about the plan.

As a small business ourselves, we know what it’s like to grapple with today’s small business challenges. We bring to our SMB engagements specific, hands-on knowledge of how successful small businesses are thriving today despite or because of changing external conditions.

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