Big questions and big ideas

What is Impact Investing and Why Should I Care?, Bridgespan
Audacious Philanthropy, Susan Wolf Ditkoff and Abe Grindle
Politics Without Politics, Chris Maisano
The Essential Skills of Cross Sector Leadership, David B. Smith and Jeanine Becker
Partnership for Public Service
Public-private partnerships are the key to tackling climate change, WEF
Build Back Better, Michele Jolin and David Medina
So You Want to Reform Democracy, Joshua Tauberer
Model DPA for Government for the Development of Exposure Alerting Applications and Systems, USDR
Design for Systems, Not Users, Alexis Lloyd
Built for Zero: Community solutions for homelessness

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Trauma center
Growing up
Hypergrowth basics
Product and Marketing
It’s (partially) complicated
The Great Work

Here are some of our recent clients working at the nexus of multiple sectors:

“Mark is brilliant — on so many levels. He brings a deep understanding of the landscape and forces driving the many segments across the technology industry, as well as the nonprofit and government sectors, making him a strategic partner with a broad set of reference points. The project he led for me became a collaboration that transformed the strategy of the organization I represented and foretold broader movements in the industry. The work we did together continues to be a defining moment of my career.”

Wendy Conway Head of Marketing, Omidyar Network

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