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Resilience, innovation, lean startups

Resilience isn’t a concept you hear mentioned in too many boardrooms yet, but I think it’s a useful frame for conversation across many industries and endeavors. Resilience refers to a system’s ability to survive major shocks and spontaneously generate new order afterwards—like a forest recovering from a fire… Continue reading

One book, one idea: The One Thing Holding You Back

I find myself thinking a lot about body awareness these days. There are many resources out there for cultivating interoception, and using the body as a vehicle for insight, and not just a way to cart the brain around. One book I particularly like for its accessibility and practicality is Raphael Cushnir’s The One Thing Holding You Back. It is full of good exercises and tips, but one line in particular has stuck with me: “You’re only…

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One book, one idea: The Caryatids

Bruce Sterling’s The Caryatids is one of the most delightful and educational near-future sci-fi novels to come out in the past few years, sharing company with Rainbows End, Makers, Little Brother, Daemon, and World Made by Hand. Set in 2065, it’s essentially the fictional version of Sterling’s earlier and excellent Tomorrow Now, where all the forecasts of that earlier book come to pass and hybridize. It’s dizzying and smart. And, although I often recommend it for its business…

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One book, one idea: Buddha’s Brain

If you know me, you know that I read a lot. And if we’ve spoken often in the past year, you know how much I’ve loved Buddha’s Brain: the practical neuroscience of happiness, love, & wisdom by Rick Hanson, PH.D. and Richard Mendius, MD. There are other books out there that cover similar ground, but for accessibility and depth of insight, this one deserves special mention. My copy of Buddha’s Brain is hopelessly dog-eared with ideas I want…

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