As a coach, I facilitate a process that allows you to:

  • Achieve your most ambitious goals
  • See clearly what truly matters to you
  • Break patterns and habits that trap your energy
  • Tune your attention to information and resources that can help you succeed

The most effective people in life have coaches. We expect this in athletics and the performing arts, but it is equally true in business. Working with a coach allows you to take control of your own professional development.

What to Expect


For individuals, I offer single sessions to address an impasse, or a 12-session series to help you achieve specific and ambitious goals. These sessions are conducted either in-person in the Bay Area or via phone. In-person sessions can be conducted either at my office in San Francisco or your workplace.

Our first session will last 75-90 minutes. Subsequent sessions will be 60 minutes. Inquiries and appointments for a first coaching session can be made here.


For organizations seeking to increase their leadership development capacity, I offer tailored coaching programs designed to target high-potential employees, executives making career transitions, and leaders looking to optimize their performance. My past clients have included new CEOs and leadership teams seeking to increase their innovation capacity.

Program details will be designed to address your organization’s unique needs. Please contact me to explore options for you and your business.

My Background

I’ve worked for over 20 years as a strategy consultant, helping organizations unlock trapped energy. My clients have included very large organizations and relatively small ones, as well as teams looking to achieve breakthrough performance.

I have been offering individual and team coaching as a paid service for 9 years. Coaching allows me to unlock trapped energy for individuals—helping you get what you most deeply want. I love this work and find it highly effective and personally rewarding.

My clients have told me that I am very empathetic, able to work effectively with people of very different mindsets and backgrounds. My business experience, daily meditation practice, and knowledge of individual and organizational psychology all influence how I see and act as a coach.

The coaching process I use adheres fairly closely to the NeuroLeadership approach pioneered by David Rock. I converted to this method after being inspired by David’s books and later training with him directly. I’ve seen many different approaches to coaching, and this is one of the most effective I know for generating quick insights and lasting change. For more information about this brain-based approach, visit the NeuroLeadership Group.

My approach to coaching is powerful and also practical. I am committed to helping you achieve the goals you set for yourself and to offering a service that’s uniquely effective and trustworthy.

I am also a small business owner. On a daily basis, I advise well-known global enterprises and pioneering small organizations on their business, brand, and marketing strategy. In other words, my feet are held to the fire dealing with the same contemporary business issues that you likely face every day. I find this makes me a better coach.