Consulting CMO

As a consulting head of marketing, I work with startups and enterprises in transition to lead:


  • All outbound marketing
  • All inbound marketing + analytics
  • Product launches and major campaigns
  • Channel strategies
  • Agency management
  • Long-term planning
  • Brand positioning and messaging
  • Product positioning and messaging


  • Brand identity design + naming
  • Product design
  • Digital UX design


  • Tools selection and implementation
  • Cross-departmental business process design
  • Functional and performance management of internal teams
  • Internal training and mentoring

A consulting Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) enables organizations to maintain continuity and excellence during times of change or to “level up” the marketing function prior to a more permanent hire.

Businesses at every stage of growth must pair deliberate and structured relationship-building with sustainable, data-driven, and scalable marketing infrastructure. With our exceptional network, we can fill any marketing needs and ensure that your marketing strategy is deeply integrated into your culture and optimized for your specific goals. We can pull weight, navigate transition, and then seamlessly exit the business when the time’s right.

Case studies
  • Interim CMO
  • Brand positioning
  • Creative direction
  • Agency management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Campaign design
  • Messaging
  • Merchandizing
  • Product UX design


The Next Us worked with Zazzle as an embedded team member to help the company navigate a major transformation of its product, external brand, and internal culture.

In 2012, Zazzle was already a one-of-kind maker platform with a stellar track record and a bold vision for the future. The Next Us worked hands-on with the Zazzle leadership team on brand repositioning and served as interim Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for two quarters. As part of this project, The Next Us also led the cross-channel marketing strategy and creative direction for Zazzle's 2012 holiday campaign, its most successful one to date.

  • Vision
  • Brand strategy
  • Strategic planning
  • Product design
  • Outbound marketing strategy
  • Product development methodology
  • Creative direction
  • Agency management

Wize Commerce

The Next Us has worked with Wize Commerce for 4 years as an external brand consultant and embedded team member responsible for all brand strategy and outbound marketing.

Wize Commerce is an e-commerce leader with an incredible track record for resilience and financial success. Since its inception as Nextag, Inc. in the late 1990’s, the company has used its data science capabilities and platform to help thousands of retailers and content providers maximize their revenue across every device and digital ecosystem. The company also manages a network of over a dozen successful consumer e-commerce sites worldwide.

Major responsibilities:

  • Brand strategy, brand identity design, and messaging for all the Wize Commerce major consumer brands: Nextag,, and Price Machine
  • Positioning, rebranding, site design, and launch for the Wize Commerce corporate parent
  • UX design consulting and ongoing optimization for all the brands above
  • Onsite Brand Director responsible for all aspects of brand strategy and outbound marketing (1-year appointment)
  • Functional manager of all in-house creative resources and outside agencies

  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Visual brand strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Agency management
  • Campaign design
  • Website design
  • Product UX design


The Next Us worked with the Synopsys Software Integrity business unit as an embedded team member to help the company position itself successfully in the cybersecurity market over a two-year period of rapid growth and expansion.

We helped Synopsys integrate its storytelling and visual brand across all marketing and sales touch points, and iteratively assimilate the assets of five major acquisitions: Coverity, Codenomicon, Protecode, Seeker, and Cigital.

During this engagement, Synopsys moved from a niche player in the application security space to one of the largest based on revenue, reputation and solution breadth. It also evolved its marketing approach from pure lead gen to a thoughtful mix of demand generation and brand-building at every step of the marketing funnel.


  • Onsite marketing lead responsible for all aspects of brand strategy and outbound marketing
  • Functional manager of all in-house creative resources and outside agencies
  • Development and management of all core Synopsys Software Integrity outbound communication tools, including platform and product positioning, messaging architectures, sales decks, tradeshow training materials, visual brand style guides and templates
  • Design of Software Integrity cross-channel brand campaigns
  • Liaison to Synopsys Corporate Marketing for the year-long redesign of the corporate website, including referring the final selected design agency and representing all Software Integrity technical, marketing, visual design, and information architecture needs and requirements