Leadership and coaching

Leadership coaching is not a formal discipline. Nor could it ever be: there isn’t a universal definition for what “leadership” even is, nor a single leadership style that will work equally well in all circumstances.

Strengths-based coaching will amplify your existing skills but also your weaknesses. Mindfulness training will make you more mindful. A certification program will give you a certificate. Advice from a charismatic advice-giver will either work, or it won’t… but either way, you won’t learn anything just by outsourcing responsibility to someone else.

All human individuals and groups are always moving towards their goals. In a very real way, our goals create our worlds. That’s why my own coaching practice is centered on my clients’ goals, enthusiastically getting behind those existing wants, without judgment or arbitrary insertion of my own point of view.

I encourage everyone who is ready and willing to embrace conscious incompetence, threats to your worldview, and challenges to your sense of self in pursuit of your true goals.

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