9. How much do you charge?

My pricing structure varies depending on the content, client, and complexity of the coaching project. I try to charge so that all my clients receive the same value per dollar and per hour. I do not use a sliding scale or offer discounts because I believe they unintentionally result in lower value.

For reference, my typical rate for a 12-week individual coaching series is currently $6,000 USD. My typical rate for a single, 60-minute coaching session is $400. Initial sessions may last up to 90 minutes but are also priced at $400.

Longer-term coaching engagements for enterprise clients are sometimes priced higher based on:

  • Content: the nature of the business challenges or professional development goals
  • Client: an “executive brain” that is more sharpened but also more distracted with competing responsibilities
  • Complexity: the need to integrate with existing performance management systems or other work external to the coaching relationship itself

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