3. Do you guarantee results?

No, and be wary of any coach that does.

A foundational principle of coaching is that the athlete, or the client in this case, does the work. I create an external context that clarifies what you need to do to accomplish your goals. As a result, your “intrinsic” or internal motivation increases. This powerful combination creates the highest chance you’ll succeed. But you’re still in charge of doing the work.

Also, sometimes life throws us curve balls—e.g., you’re training for a marathon and then suddenly break your leg. Obviously, it wouldn’t make sense to push yourself over the finish line in these circumstances. At the same time, some of my clients have had their biggest breakthroughs while pursuing goals that suddenly and unexpectedly become unfeasible. Staying in relationship with your goals as the content of your life changes can build powerful skills and insights.

All that said, the vast majority of my clients achieve and exceed what they set out to do. I only work with clients on ambitious goals that they can realistically achieve in three to six months. And I’ll be fully committed to your success from day one.

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