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Climb the ladder

There’s a classic tool from learning psychology that I sometimes use with clients. It’s called the ladder of learning. This model says that whenever we learn a new skill, we always go through four steps: Unconscious incompetence: You are blissfully unaware that you are bad at something. You feel strongly in synch with your environment and confident in your abilities. This feels wonderful, but by the same token, you aren’t learning anything. Conscious incompetence: New information begins to intrude on your awareness, or…

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Transformation and resilience — Nov 2010 gathering

The Next Us hosted our first informal gathering on November 9 at the fabric8 gallery in San Francisco. The theme of the event was “transformation and resilience” with a range of speakers and participants all working on positive social change across industries, sectors, and levels of scale. Thank you to the many friends, clients, and collaborators who were able to make it to this first event and for the healthy conversations that followed. We look forward to…

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