Location and dislocation — March 2011 gathering

The Next Us hosted a gathering at Fabric8 in March with three terrific speakers: Chris Carlsson (local San Francisco historian, author, and co-founder of CounterPULSE), Abby Falik (founder and CEO of Global Citizen Year), and Chip Grant (founder and artistic director of Urban Opera).

The theme of the event was “Location and dislocation.” I know for me, it can be all too easy at times to disappear into my head or computer screen and forget where I am. And of course, it’s useful to be able to cultivate inner stability regardless what life throws at you. But the three speakers at our March gathering had a different kind of wisdom that comes from a deep and felt sense of place.

As expected, I learned a lot at this event, and not just from the speakers, but from the many conversations that bubbled up before and after the talks.

Chris Carlsson:

Abby Falik:

Chip Grant: